The OKCStormWatcher Weather Blog

Welcome to my weather blog. A little bit about me, The “StormWatcher”. I am an avid storm watcher, chaser & tracker from Oklahoma City, originally from the small town of Sandusky, Michigan. Born in 1974 in the town of Lapeer, Michigan during an ice storm. My love for weather started when I experienced an EF-1 tornado firsthand in Michigan as a 5-year old and it took off from there.

In my spare time, I work part-time as an inventory supervisor for an inventory company. I also enjoy weather, NASCAR, listening to music, spending time with my grandchildren & my wife of 10 years. Once in a while, I am a DJ for an internet radio station.

If you would like to follow me on Twitter, you can do so by clicking here: My Twitter Page and you can get frequent updates on weather as well as alerts. As you notice, you can see some of my Twitter tweets on the right hand side of the page. Also, current Oklahoma City weather conditions & Oklahoma severe weather bulletins are also included as well.

I cover all aspects of weather. When a major outbreak or a severe weather warning hits, look at my twitter for updates. I will also blog about the worst of what weather has to offer as well as breaking weather & current weather trends for Oklahoma City & the state of Oklahoma.

Feel free to post a comment on the bottom of any of my blogs. Don’t be afraid to click on the “Subscribe” button to subscribe to my blog so you won’t be out of the loop. Also, bookmark my page as well, so you won’t be out of the loop. Thanks for visiting!


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