Louisville, MS Tornado Rated a EF4 (4-30-2014)


(From Twitter user @wxdam, a debris ball signature is on radar as the EF4 tornado hits Louisville, MS.)

On the afternoon of Monday, April 28rh a EF 4 Tornado struck Louisville and Renfroe, MS in Leake, Neshoba, Attala and Winston County. This tornado produced a large area of EF-2 to EF-4 damage along its path. Hundreds of structures were heavily damaged and thousands of trees were snapped and uprooted. A door from a building in the community of Louisville landed on the campus of Mississippi State University in Starkville.

The EF-4 damage consisted of several homes and apartments that were literally reduced to slabs, industrial buildings that collapsed, chicken houses that were completely destroyed with little trace left of them. Debarked and denuded trees and a collapsed cell tower were also noted.

Below is information from NWS Jackson, MS on the strength of the tornado

Rating: EF-4
Estimated Maximum Wind:  185 mph
Fatalities/Injuries: 9 fatalities and unknown Injuries
Damage Path Length:  35.5 miles
Maximum Path Width: 3/4 mile
Approximate Start Point/Time: 2 miles NNE Renfroe
3:51 pm
Approximate End Point/Time: 5 miles NNE Louisville
4:47 pm


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