Major Tornado Outbreak in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex (4/3/2012)

At the time of this post, there is a major tornado outbreak outgoing in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.Here is the latest information.

So far, we know the DFW Airport took a hit from this storms. The airport itself, a major hub for airline traffic in the region, has been at a complete standstill. Easily gof ball sized hail was reported from the storm at the airport. No tornado damage through.

In Arlington, it is a different story. Six Flags Amusement Park has taken, more than likely, a direct hit from a tornado. (This report was later reported as being false. No damage at the Amusement Park.) One report in the Arlington area reports that roofs from well built homes were completely taken off.

Images showed from many media outlets report major damage from the Lancaster area just south and east of the Dallas area. Also, large tractor trailers and semis were flung in the area like toys. This tornado was rated a high end EF-2 with 125-130 mph winds and over 300 homes damaged. 

The Ballpark at Arlington where the Texas Rangers play, was a near miss from a tornado. Reports shown that a funnel cloud was seen over the park. Arlington, TX saw damage consistent with EF-2 damage.

More information will be added as it becomes available on this ongoing situation. Below, I have posted some tweets on this situation from 2:30-4:45 pm CDT on Tuesday, April 3, 2012. Let’s hope for the best in this. Here is a link for the latest courtesy of WFAA-TV from Dallas/Fort Worth.

WFAA Live Video: WFAA Live Feed

Tweets: @TornadoTitans: Our own @BTSullivan91 is out in that mess…look for him on the iMap to watch him!

@TornadoTitans: Reminder: you can watch live chasers from the field on our site and chat.

@breakingweather: “Tornado #3 is going to pass very close to Texas Motor speedway,” @wxbrad

@breakingweather: VIDEO: Tornado spotted by Texas Rangers player @MikeNapoli25 at Arlington Stadium, @producermatthew

@wunderground: RT @TxStormChasers: SPOTTER – NWS STORM SPOTTER reports egg sized hail (2 inch diameter) at 635 and Royal Lane in N. Dallas.

@usNWSgov: #Baseball-size #hail reported in Euless, #TX:

@wunderground: Biggest threat remains in Carrollton/Addison area. Reports of #tornado on the ground.

@TWCBreaking: New tornado warning issued for parts of the DFW metroplex until 3:30pm CDT. Includes Arlington. Info, radar:

@breakingweather: RT @jondopplerfast8: WFAA-TV in Dallas reporting rain-wrapped tornado near Addison! Headed NE towards PLANO, ALLEN, McKINNEY.

@severewarn: Tornado Warning for Dallas and Tarrant County in TX until 3:30pm CDT. #txwx

@wunderground: #Tornado Warning Hunt County, TX. Take cover in Greenville, TX.

@koconews: We are bringing you live coverage of today’s Dallas tornadoes on KOCO-5 at 5, 6. #koco #oknews

@koconews: If you have photos, video from today’s Texas storms, please email to #koco #oknews

@TornadoTitans: New tornado warning SE of Greenville, TX (Hunt County)!

@wunderground: Another #tornado Warning for Arlington, TX from heavy squall line moving thru area.

@breakingweather: Tornado just missed Rangers Ballpark at Arlington. Exhibition game scheduled for tonight at 7:05 CT. (via @muwxguy)

@breakingweather: “Damage to the house of an elderly couple. Neighbors could not get a hold of them,” Arlington scanner #tornado

@breakingweather: “Tornado warning near Arlington is from rotation in heavy rain. Watch out during the downpours, tornado could be hiding,” @henry_margusity

@breakingweather: RT @nprguyraz: At #DFW airport in womens bathroom huddled with my family and lots of people. Tornado sirens going. Surreal.

@weatherchannel: The first tornado trying to for just east of 35W in Burleson TX @freezepop89 via @pinterest

@wunderground: Main squall line thru Fort Worth. Hitting Arlington hard right now.

@koconews: RT @PaulFolger: We have a crew headed to DFW to bring you damage from today’s tornado in the metroplex.

@breakingweather: .@spann: Tornado reported on the ground north of Lone Oak, TX by NWS

@breakingweather: .@jasonwhitely: Dallas Ind. School Dist. says it is NOT releasing students until storms pass.

@koconews: Caught On Video: Dallas Tornado Tosses Trailers #news #oklahoma

@TornadoTitans: These storms should probably be tornado warned in Dallas County.

@weatherchannel: Stick with for Texas tornado updates:

@breakingweather: “Highest tornado risks now are near Plano and Wylie. Also circulation seen at Grand Prarie and just south Dallas,” @spann

@TornadoTitans: The rumors of the Titan’s demise at Six Flags were grossly overexaggerated. Six Flags official says no damage at the park.

@wunderground: The mayor of Arlington, TX has declared a state of disaster for the city.

@breakingweather: .@spann: New tornado warning for Dallas County for a circulation SE of downtown Dallas. Mesquite take cover.

@breakingweather: RT @wfaachannel8: Arlington Mayor declaring at State of Disaster in the city for the next seven days.

@breakingweather: RT @weathermatrix: earlier showed a well-formed storm near Carrolton, TX

@breakingweather: @producermatthew: WFAA reporter Rebecca Lopez: Roof from one home in Lancaster, Texas flew onto another home during tornado.

@severewarn: Tornado Warning for Dallas, Kaufman, and Rockwall County in TX until 4:00pm CDT. #txwx

@TWCBreaking: Yet another tornado warning for the Dallas metro area (east side of town). Info, radar:

@TWCBreaking: Video from earlier showing the tornado picking up debris near Dallas:

@breakingweather: Amazing photo via @producermatthew: Upside-down tree against a wall near Martin, Texas from @tsmadigan

@TornadoTitans: In case you were wondering, there is an outflow boundary basically draped from DFW to Tyler, TX. It’s the clear culprit of today’s action.

@usNWSgov: #Tornado threat to continue through evening in northeast #Texas. Stay informed via media, and NOAA Weather Radio #WRN

@TornadoTitans: Tornadic cell moving towards Forney, TX. Take these things seriously folks!

@TornadoTitans: WOW! Tornado shot from earlier today near Lancaster, TX.

@wunderground: A tornado has been reported in Forney, Texas in Kaufman County on the east side of Dallas, take shelter now.

@TWCBreaking: Tornado reported near Forney, TX. This is east of downtown Dallas. Warning info and radar:

@breakingweather: A collection of terrifying videos, pictures of tornadoes in Texas.

@breakingweather: McLendon, TX Spotter reports large cone tornado.

@wunderground: WFAA-TV is reporting damage to Forney High School.

From CNN: American Airlines cancels all flights this evening at DFW Airport after several #tornadoes ripped through the area.

From @stormchaser4850: DEVELOPING: *Crosby Elementary School, several homes have sustained significant damage in the Forney, TX area #tornado*

Also from @stormchaser4850: Note: ***Unfolding tornado outbreak in north Texas: NWS has issued 15 tornado warnings since 1244 pm CDT***. Developing: ***More than 41,000 without power in Texas with most of those outages in the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX area***

@dixiealleychasr: Tornado confirmed in sw Hunt Co, Tx by local fire dept. #txwx

@StuOstro: Hi-res #satellite image shows 2 supercells over Ft. Worth/Dallas ahead of line of storms

From my personal twitter: Tornado emergency for Greenville, TX. Large tornado on the ground 7 mi SW of Greenville. You know people at the Walmart there, alert them

@TWCBreaking: More information on tornado emergency for Greenville, TX until 5:15 pm CDT :

@TornadoTitans: It appears a large tornado may be impacting Greenville, TX. #UhOh

@stormchaser4850: Developing: Video of earlier tornado in Forney, TX


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  1. It is interesting to know the fact behind the truth. Possibly this is the first time when such a strong effort is noticed on such tiny issue. Just hat’sof to you. We expect such effort in future as well.

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