Columbiaville, Michigan Close to an EF-2 Tornado (3/16/2012)

On the evening of Thursday, March 15, 2012, a tornado hit an area just south of Columbiaville, Michigan. I am very familiar with this area of Michigan, as I was born about ten miles southeast of Columbiaville (in Lapeer, MI). So I am very familiar with the area that was hit.

Here is the write-up done by the NWS office in Detroit-Pontiac, MI on this tornado.

A National Weather ServiceStorm Damage Survey confirmed the occurrence of a tornado in western Lapeer County, approximately 3 milessouth of Columbiaville or 5 milesnorthwest of Lapeer. The tornado produced damage consistent with a rating of EF2, with maximum wind speeds of around 125 mph. The tornado damage path was roughly 4.5 miles long with a maximum width of 400 yards. The damage extends from near the intersection of Mt. Morris Road and German Road with a touchdown of approximately 649 PM EDT to near the intersection of Flint River Road and Millville Road by approximately 704 PM EDT. Damage along much of the path was primarily uprooted trees and minor structural damage. The most intense damage occurred along Carpentar Road, roughly one quarter milesouth of Stanley Road, at 700 PM EDT. A house was shifted off the foundation and an attached garage was destroyed at this location.


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