Henryville & Marysville, Indiana Hit By EF-4 & EF-3 Tornadoes on March 2nd (3/4/2012; UPDATED 3/7/2012)

Henryville & Marysville, Indiana got hit by one EF-4 tornado on the afternoon of Friday, March 2nd. Minutes later, a high end EF-2/low end EF-3 tornado hit essentially the same areas. Here are the findings from the NWS office in Louisville, Kentucky. Note that these findings are subject to change as more of the survey is done.

Preliminary survey results from Southern Indiana and Trimble County in Kentucky…

Narrative: These are the preliminary results of multiple storm survey teams that investigated the tornado damage caused over southern Indiana and into Trimble county in Kentucky. Complicating the assessment was the fact that two separate supercell thunderstorms tracked over the area, each producing a tornado along their path. Between the towns of New Pekin and Henryville, the storms followed essentially the same path, separated by approximately 10 minutes. The first storm was the more powerful of the two, producing the EF-4 damage to homes and a large junior-senior high school in Henryville. Further EF-4 damage was found near Chelsea in Jefferson county Indiana. Near Pekin in Indiana EF-3 damage was found. In Trimble county south of Milton two tornados, one rated EF-2 and another EF-3 caused damage.

Again, these findings are preliminary and are complicated by the long distance involved. More details will follow, including path length, width, and timing information as well as even EF-rating, after additional storm survey teams are dispatched on Sunday and as storm damage pictures are more thoroughly assessed.

The National Weather Service again will send out teams to investigate the damage caused by the severe weather outbreak of March 2, 2012. The findings of this survey can be viewed in this blog post: Long Track Tornado Destroys Henryville & Marysville, Indiana on March 2nd (3/7/2012)


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