Harvest, Alabama and Surrounding Areas Hit By Two Tornadoes (3/3/2012)

Two tornadoes were confirmed to have touched down in northern Alabama. Tornado #2 tracked close to where an EF-5 tornado had tracked on April 27th, 2012. Here are the findings so far from the NWS office in Huntsville, Alabama.

Tornado #1: Alabama – Madison County: North Central to Northeast Madison County

Rating: EF-1
Peak Wind: 105 mph
Path Length: 6.3 miles
Peak Path Width: 150 yards
Starting Point: 34.85037, -86.55295 Ending Point: 34.87160, -86.44476 Starting Time: 10:07 AM CST
Ending Time: 10:15 AM CST

Keep in mind that these findings are subject to change with further surveys pending.

Summary: A tornado of up to EF-1 intensity with a peak wind speed of 105 MPH crossed portions of north central into northeast Madison County. The beginning of this path is still being determined with future surveys planned. For this survey, the tornado continues its path from just south of the Madison County Executive Airport eastward to Buckhorn High School, lifting at a farm field across the street from the school.

The tornado dropped power poles and lines along Moore’s Mill Road just north of Darwin Road. The tornado then destroyed a silo just east of that location before snapping trees and collapsing a barn on Macon Lane. The tornado intensified to a high end EF-1 tornado with peak winds of 105 MPH at residences along Rube Robinson Road and Morning Mist Drive. Several residences experienced significant to severe damage. One home on Morning Mist Drive completely collapsed and was torn off its foundation. This damage was considered in the determination of a high end EF-1 rating. The tornado was at its peak width of about 150 yeards at this point before narrowing to 50 to 100 yards as it re-crossed Rube Robinson Road. The tornado collapsed a roof and barn in this area, then crossed fields for about 1 mile before reaching residents adjacent to Buckhorn High School on Shady Oak Lane and Maysville Lane. A residence experienced significant damage, with brick walls buckled and a large portion of the roof torn off. A nearby cinder block wall of a garage collapsed.

The tornado then tracked through the Buckhorn High School Campus with a width of 50 to 100 yards. A block building used by the ROTC students adjacent to the stadium collapsed. Several portions of the roof of the high school were torn off. Several cars in the parking lot were moved, twisted, and damaged with some windows being blown out. The tornado then crossed Winchester Road and severely collapsed a home, snapped and uprooted trees and strewn debris downwind across an adjacent cotton field where the tornao is believe to have lifted.

These findings are preliminary and are subject to adjustment.

Tornado #2: Alabama – Madison & Limestone Counties: East Central Limestone to Madison County, Including the Community of Harvest

Rating: EF-2
Peak Wind: 125 mph
Path Length 13.75 miles
Peak Path Width: 150 yards
Starting Point: 34.7642, -86.9311
Ending Point: 34.8443, -86.7100
Starting Time: 9:12 AM
Ending Time: 9:31 AM

Keep in mind that these findings are subject to change with further surveys pending.

Summary: Damage was first found along Lindsay Lane about 1 mile south of Highway 62 in East Central Limestone County. In the Canebrake neighborhood, numerous homes sustained significant roof loss with garage doors blown out and some exterior wall damage. Minor structural damage also occurred in the Indian Trace community off Woodland Road. The tornado then crossed Highway 72 near Piney Creek and continued to track northeast. At Mooresville Road and Pepper Road, numerous homes sustained significant damage, including major roof loss. A brick garage was collapsed and numerous trees were snapped and uprooted. As the tornado continued tracking northeast across McCulley Mill Road, additional homes were damaged, again sustaining major roof loss and some exterior wall collapse. Significant structural damage to homes occurred along Nick Davis Road near East Limestone Road. Damage continued to homes along Eagle Point Drive and Freedom Drive where a home completely lost its roof and other homes received major roof loss, broken windows and collapsed garages.

The tornado crossed into Madison County just north of Orville Smith Road where a single wide modular home lost much of its roof and trees were snapped around it. Major structural damage was seen again at the intersection of Yarbrough Road and Old Railroad Bed Road. This was one of the worst hit areas around the Harvest Community. Damage to homes, mostly collapsed roofs and some exterior wall damage continued east along Yarbrough Road across Bridges Drive and Bedford Lane, just before Wall Triana Blvd. Also in this area, power poles were snapped near the base. Damage continued northeast toward Highway 53 just south of Jeff Road where the survey ended due to inclement weather.

Reports of damge from this tornado extended farther northeast across Madison County, but due to weather and darkness, NWS personnel were unable to get to these areas. The Remainder of the storm damage track will be completed this weekend. Another NWS survey team looked at damage from a separate tornado in Madison County, between Meridianville and Buckhorn High School.


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