10 AM CT Oklahoma Weather Update (1/11/2012)

The morning had started off cool, with temperatures in the 30s and 40s. A strong cold front will arrive today, and at 930 am,the initial wind shift had already reached Elk City to Enid and Blackwell. Sunshine and vertical mixing caused by increasing winds, will allow temperatures to rise through early afternoon. even behind the initial wind shift. By noon, temperatures will reach the 50s near and south Oklahoma City to Lawton and Wichita Falls. Elsewhere, temperatures will reach the 40s, before beginning to fall in the afternoon. By 6 PM, wind chill temperatures will be falling into the 20s and 30s throughout our region. North winds will gradually increase in speed beginning this morning. Winds will become strong and gusty after about noon or 1 PM in northern and western Oklahoma. Eventually winds sustained over 25 mph, and gusts to 45 mph are expected over a broad portion of Oklahoma and western North Texas this afternoon and evening. A brief period of light snow will be possible late today in northern Oklahoma.


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