My 5,000th Follower on Twitter (1/10/2012)

I started on this journey on Twitter back on March 23rd, 2009. At the time, I was not big into Twitter or Twittering at the time. In fact, it would take my until July, 2010 to even get rolling on Twitter.

At that time, I had a small network of 30 followers, posting maybe 300 tweets over that first 16 months. It was July 7, 2010 when I decided to devote my Twitter world to weather.

A lot of people have come and give since then. It took me 6 months to hit 2,000 followers. Now, it has taken me 18 months to hit another milestone. After nearly 164,000 tweets, I have hit my 5,000 follower.

Anytime you can follow me on Twitter at and Facebook at

Now who was this 5,000th follower. Twitter handle is TexasRoadkill1. Follow at

Thanks all for making my journey a good one. Here is to another 5,000 followers. Stay safe and weather aware.


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