Severe Weather Tips for Keeping You Safe During Tornadoes (5/23/2011)

… Prepare now for severe weather…

Significant severe thunderstorms are expected across parts of the
area today and Tuesday. The National Weather Service in Norman urges
you to take this time to think about what you will do to stay safe
if storms approach.

Make sure you have more than one source of local weather warnings
and information. If you have a weather radio… be sure it is
working properly.

Check the weather often throughout the day. If you will be traveling
or have outdoor activities planned… be sure you can get the latest
weather information and keep up with developing severe weather.

If storms threaten you… remember these basic safety guidelines:

Severe thunderstorms produce large hail and damaging winds. If you
hear a Severe Thunderstorm Warning for your location… seek shelter
in a sturdy building… and stay away from doors and windows. If
you’re driving… think about finding substantial shelter to avoid
being caught in large hail and strong winds. And remember that every
thunderstorm produces dangerous lightning… and that no place
outside is safe.

If you hear a Tornado Warning for your location… or feel
threatened by a tornado… you’ll need to act quickly to protect
yourself. An underground shelter or safe room is the safest place.
If no underground shelter is available… take cover in a sturdy
building. Go to the lowest floor and stay away from doors… windows
and outside walls. Your goal is to put as many walls between you and
the tornado as you can. You should protect yourself from flying and
falling debris with pillows or blankets. Mobile homes and vehicles
are not safe in a tornado… so be sure you have plenty of time to
get to a sturdy shelter.

Monitor the latest information from the National Weather Service in
Norman by listening to weather radio or by visiting our website at


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