Charlie Sheen to Help With Fundraiser for Tuscaloosa Tornado Victims

Charlie Sheen wanted to tour the damage himself. He is being led to start a fundraiser to help victims of the Tuscaloosa-Birmingham tornado. Here is a post from the Tuscaloosa News with the latest on the fundraiser and what the actor said about helping out!

Courtesy of the Tuscaloosa News:

Sheen plans to return with celebrity fundraiser
TUSCALOOSA – You never know when a shout into the abyss will actually be heard.

But one message into the vastness that is the Twitter universe is what brought actor Charlie Sheen to Tuscaloosa today, and with it the possibility of a celebrity fundraiser that could bring millions of dollars to this devastated city.

“I wanted to see it myself,” Sheen said. “I’m here to bring the attention of the world down here.”

Today’s trip was, in Sheen’s words, a “recon” visit. He plans to return for some kind of celebrity fundraiser, possibly a baseball game or some other event.

“We’re just going to ask them to drop everything and come down here,” Sheen said of his celebrity friends.

The national news coverage of the April 27 tornado drew Sheen’s attention to Tuscaloosa’s plight. But it was a Twitter message, called a tweet, from a University of Alabama student that made coming to see the damage — and bring assistance — a possibility.

Sheen said he was in Denver for his April 28 show on the Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not an Option tour when he got a message from UA student David Harris.

Harris asked him if a benefit tour stop in Tuscaloosa would be possible, adding that “we would love your for it.”

Before the day was out, Sheen had put Harris in touch with his manager.

“I got that tweet and I thought ‘OK, I’m coming,’” he said, adding that he’s contributed to causes in the past but “I’ve usually done it behind the scenes.”

To read my post on the Tuscaloosa-Birmingham tornado, read here: “Tornado Emergency in Tuscaloosa”


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