715 PM Oklahoma Weather Update

Severe thunderstorms…including the possibility of very large hail… damaging wind gusts… and isolated tornadoes will be possible through the early evening hours in portions of western North Texas and southern Oklahoma. At 7 PM…a cold front stretched approximately from Atoka to Madill… then southwest into Texas. Thunderstorms had developed ahead of the cold front in north central Texas into far southern Oklahoma. Through 8 PM… thunderstorms carrying a threat of heavy rain…frequent lightning…and isolated large hail will affect portions of Love County from Burneyville to Marietta and Thackerville. Areas near Tishomingo… Madill… and Coalgate may eventually be affected by thunderstorms. Focused lift along the front… combined with large scale lift from an approaching storm system… should continue to yield isolated to scattered severe thunderstorms southeast of the front this evening. Through 9 PM…temperatures south of the front will mostly be in the 70s…while temperatures north of the front will fall into the upper 50s to lower 60s. A northeast wind at 10 to 15 mph with gusts to 25 mph will affect locations northwest of the front…while in southeast Oklahoma near the frontal zone winds will be light. Locations east and south of Durant may remain south of the front through midnight…but all other locations in western North Texas… western and central Oklahoma should be north of the front this evening.


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