Tornado in Bowling Green, Missouri (UPDATED 4/23/2011)

Tornado warnings started being issued on a supercell northwest of St Louis, Missouri just after 4 pm CT. At about 4:15 pm CT, a tornado was reported on the ground near Bowling Green, MO. Damage was reported in Bowling Green a short time later. Tornado is likely passing over the Mississippi River at this time, moving into Illinois. (4:21p CT). With Pleasant Hill, IL in the path of this tornado.

Findings from St. Louis NWS on the Bowling Green Tornado: Bowling Green (Pike County, MO), EF1 Tornado.

The tornado touched down about 6 miles southwest of Bowling Green, near the intersection of County Roads 147 and 148, producing minor tree damage. The tornado then moved northeast, damaging a barn south of County Road 165 and then producing extensive tree damage just north of the intersection of County Roads 165 and 481. The tornado continued northeast, striking a farm on Highway Y. A barn was destroyed at this location, and produced extensive damage to the roof and the second story of the home.

The tornado then veered a bit to the east and produced its greatest damage to a farmstead about 2.4 miles southwest of Bowling Green and 1.5 miles west of Highway 161. The home at this location sufferred extensive damage, while several outbuildings and implements were totally destroyed. Although the tornado lifted shortly after striking the farm, debris was strewn over one-half mile to the east of the farm, with insulation from the farmstead blown across Highway 161.

The total length of the tornado was about 4 miles, with a maximum damage width of 100 to 150 yards. Maximum damage rated at the second farmstead was high end EF1, with winds of 100 to 110 mph

At 435 pm CT, the Pike County, Missouri Sheriff department reported 2 separate tornadoes, with a second tornado reported near Clarksville. Softball-sized hail was also reported, no reports of power loss yet.

Clarksville (Pike County, MO to Calhoun County, IL) EF0 Tornado:

The tornado touched down in the south side of Clarksville, damaging trees, removing shingles from several homes, and damaging fencing and several carports in the area. Several windows on the east side of the Catholic Church were also brokoen. Witnesses report that after the tornado exited Clarksville the funnel crossed the Mississippi River into Calhoun County, Illinois.

Total length of this tornado was 0.2 miles, with a maximum width of about 50 yards. The damage in this area was rated EF0, with winds of 70 to 75 mph.

5:00 pm CT: Tornado Warning issued for Greene and Pike County in IL until 5:45pm CDT. Also, Bowling Green, MO Fire Dept reports one house on County Road 400 destroyed. 2 barns destroyed. Trees down.


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