Leakesville, MS/Deer Park, AL Tornado Confirmed as an EF-3 Tornado (4/16/2011)

The most talked about tornado next to the Raleigh, NC tornado was the Leakesville, Mississippi. This tornado would be caught on video by Tornadovideos.net storm chaser Reed Timmer. In this post I have links to seeing pictures of the the tornado damage that someone took in both Leakesville, MS & Deer Park, AL. First, the links to the pictures.

Tornado Pics from Leakesville, MS
Tornado Pics from Deer Park, AL

I want to send a huge shoutout to Larry Posey for taking these pictures. He mentioned that the tornado was just a half-mile from his house. So I gotta give him a HUGE shoutout & thank you for these pictures!!

And now, here is the summary from the Mobile, AL NWS office of the Leakesville, MS & Deer Park, AL tornado!

After a four day investigation, the National Weather Service office out of Mobile, AL concluded that the tornado that started near Leakesville was an EF-3 and had max winds of 160 mph.

The tornado first touched down West of Leakesville, just South of Highway 57. It then crossed the highway, strengthened and turned east towards the city of Leakesville, running parallel with Highway 57.

In Greene County the storm destroyed 23 homes, caused major damage to 28 homes and minor damage to 47 homes. Five businesses were destroyed, five had major damage and four had minor damage. One fatality occurred in a damaged mobile home, and there were six injuries.

The tornado continued ENE into Washington County, Alabama causing three fatalities and three injuries in a destroyed mobile home.

The tornado lifted just prior to reaching Highway 45 near the Deer Park community. The NWS says there was extensive tree damage along the entire 20 mile path. The maximum width of the tornado was estimated at 500 yards.


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