600 pm Nowcast for Oklahoma City

Early this evening…low pressure was strengthening on the high terrain of the Panhandle region. Winds across Oklahoma and North Texas were from the southwest at 20 to 25…with gusts over 30 mph. Temperatures were in the 80s…and humidity was generally 15 to 20 percent…yielding extreme fire weather conditions once again. Several significant fires were observed and reported…most of them occurring in southwest and south central Oklahoma. A much larger fire…however…was located near Breckenridge Texas. Visible satellite observed smoke from this fire being carried northward through Clay County Texas…and on up toward southern and central Oklahoma. All of these fires were responsible for the smell of smoke…and very hazy skies affecting southern and central Oklahoma. The haze and smoke may spread farther to the north and west this evening…as winds back to a southerly or southeasterly direction. Wind gusts will decrease and become less frequent after sunset…but sustained winds will remain breezy through the night. The exception will be northwest and far western Oklahoma…where the approach of low pressure will allow for lighter winds. Humidity will improve late this evening…as a plume of Gulf moisture overspreads North Texas and Oklahoma. Humidity will rise to around 30 percent by 9 PM.


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