Tushka, OK Tornado Rated EF-3 (4/14/2011)

Here is the tornado surveys out of eastern Oklahoma yesterday. Note the powerful tornado that hit Tushka, OK on Thursday, April 14th.

… Preliminary survey results for the April 14 2011… tornadoes…

Survey teams were sent out this morning to assess the damage caused
by tornadoes on April 14 2011. Preliminarily… five tornadoes can
be confirmed as a result of the tornadic supercells. Although the
investigation still continues… damage from three of the tornadoes
have been given a preliminary ef-scale rating.

Remember that this information is subject to change pending further
investigation. Special thanks GOES out to the emergency managers and
storm spotters and chasers that provided valuable information both
during and after the event.

… Atoka County tornado…
… Including the cities of Tushka and Atoka…
this tornado developed approximately 5 miles west southwest of
Tushka and moved east northeast through the town of Tushka. The
tornado continued toward the city of Atoka. As of 4 PM… the
National Weather Service was still surveying this damage path… and
do not have a definitive end point for this tornado. However… some
of the damage seen in the town of Tushka is consistent with damage
associated with an EF-3 tornado.

… Marshall into Johnston County tornado…
this tornado developed approximately 3 miles north-northwest of
Madill in Marshall County and moved northeast. The tornado crossed
northern portions of Lake Texoma and continued northeast until it
lifted approximately 5 miles south-southwest of Milburn. Based on
the degree of damage seen… this tornado reached EF-1 intensity.

… Lincoln County tornado…
this tornado briefly developed approximately 2 miles northwest of
Stroud. Local media… emergency management… storm spotter and
chaser reports suggest the tornado occurred for less than 30
seconds… and remained over an open field. With little to no damage
reported… this tornado was given an EF-0 rating.

… Additional information…
very large hail was also reported with several of the supercell
thunderstorms. We received a few reports of hail up to softball
size… with numerous reports of sizes over Golf Ball size. Some
damage was reported to automobiles… with many losing their


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