Tornado Emergency near Leakesville, MS (4/15/2011)

A Tornado Warning remains in effect until 815 PM CDT for
northwestern Mobile… east central Greene and southwestern Washington

… This is a tornado emergency…

At 753 PM CDT… National Weather Service Doppler radar continued to
indicate a severe thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado. This
tornado was near Leakesville… moving east at 35 mph.

The safest place to be during a tornado is on the lowest floor of a
sturdy building… preferably in an interior hallway or a room such as
a closet or bathroom. If possible… get under a workbench or other
piece of sturdy furniture. Use blankets or pillows to cover your body
and always stay away from windows.

If you are in Mobile home… evacuate it and get on the lowest floor
of a nearby sturdy building or in an underground storm shelter. If no
substantial shelter is available and a tornado is fast approaching…
seek shelter in a culvert… or lie flat in the nearest ditch or other
low spot and cover your head with your hands.

A Tornado Watch remains in effect until 300 am CDT Saturday morning
for southwestern Alabama and northwest Florida and southeast


9 thoughts on “Tornado Emergency near Leakesville, MS (4/15/2011)

    1. Hopefully, the power should be back on as soon as possible. It will depend on how much debris was left and if any fallen debris caused the power outage. If it was wind related, I would think by the end of today, the power should be back on.

    1. Just seeing those pics, it’s incredible how much power a tornado can do. If you would like me to include any of the photographs in my blog post on the Leakesville tornado, let me know. Thank you for sharing those pics.

      1. You are more than welcome to. I am going back today and get more. I will send you a link to them also. This tornado came within one half of a mile of our house. I have been a weather enthusiast since Hurricane Frederick in 1979. To see the power of an EF3 tornado up close puts a new perspective on these storms. As I’m sure you know, the pictures do it absolutely no justice.

      2. As a child and seeing an EF1. That was bad enough. I can’t imagine an EF-3. As you mentioned, you can’t see what the damage is like unless you are there in person

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