Wildfire Now Burning Out of Control Near Jones, OK (Updated)

Currently, there is a wildfire that is burning homes between Spencer & Jones, OK in NE Oklahoma City. Evacuations are taking place. The zone of evacuations are Douglas Blvd. to the west, Britton Rd. to the north, NE 63rd to the south & Anderson Rd. to the east. Residents of the city of Jones, OK need to be on heightened alert as the fire is just a couple of miles to the west of the city right now. Here is a pic of the plume from a distance:

Plume from Jones, OK Wildfire:

Drought conditions continue. According to sources at the Oklahoma City Fire Department said that if people don’t evacuation, they need to get ahold of next of kin to give them their number & the number of people that live with them just in case.

I will update this situation as needed. Follow me on Twitter at OKCStormWatcher’s Twitter Page for updates.

Update at 5:15 pm CT: National Guard helicopters have been called in to have fire teams on the ground to assist in trying to put out this fire.

Update at 7:30 pm CT: Train tracks that run through the area of where the wildfire is burning is shut down due to powerlines that are down. These lines came down because of the power poles being burnt. Also, numerous flare-ups continue in the area as well.

Update at 8:00 pm CT: At least two people have been treated at the scene for smoke inhalation, but there have been no reports of more serious injuries. Officials continue to ask everyone north of Wilshire Boulevard, south of Britton Road and between Westminster Road and Douglas Boulevard to evacuate. Evacuation shelters now set up by the Red Cross at the First United Methodist Church located at 106 Cherokee in Jones, OK. Crews said residents should evacuate north of either Post or Westminster Roads and then head east or west.

Update at 8:15 pm CT: An additional shelter has been set up by the city of Spencer at 10001 N.E. 50th at St Luke Baptist Church. The church is located at the corner of Post Road and N.E. 50th Street. Spencer Councilwoman Canaday offered her home and land at 4307 Spencer Road as a safe haven for horses. Homeowners can bring their animals, if they are threatened. Her land is located just north of NE 36th Street along Spencer Road. She said she will pasture them for free.

Update at 8:50 pm CT: According to the American Red Cross, the fire is still burning. Looking that direction from my house (just east of due north), I can see a faint glow in the distance which represents that the fire is still burning at this time.

Update at 10:05 pm CT: It appears that this fire might have started due to a spark caused by a brush hog doing some work in the area. Also, the fire will be burning most of the night as firefighters continue to put out hot spots. Structures have been destroyed. It is too early to know how many homes & out-buildings have been destroyed.

Update at 7:00 am CT Thursday, Apr. 7th: Small fires flared up in wooded areas and large grassy fields. Firefighters said they have the fire under control. However, they are leaving five brush pumpers and one tanker truck on scene to search for flare ups.

Update at 3:00 pm CT Thursday, Apr. 7th: A total of 5 square miles burnt in this fire. Confirmed that 12 houses were destroyed as well. Gov. Mary Fallin has a state of emergency in place as well. The official cause of the fire?? A man was mowing; he says he hit something that caused a spark and the fire spread faster than he could imagine.

Update at 5:00 pm CT Thursday, Apr. 7th:After crews spent hours of trying to put out a wildfire that burned acres of land in Spencer, the fire reignited about 3:15 p.m near Wilshire & Westminister. A firefighter suffered an electrical shock during the firefight, crews said. He was taken to an area hospital for treatment. Crews at the scene said a power line shocked the firefighter. No further information on the firefighter’s condition was immediately available.

Below is a wide shot of the smoke plume from the fire as taken by me just north of Tinker Air Force Base.

Wide shot of wildfire plume:


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