6:15 PM Nowcast for Oklahoma City & Weather Summary

After setting a high temp of 75 around 12:30 am., temps cooled rapidly overnight dropping into the mid & upper 40s in the OKC metro area. Windy conditions persisted through most of the day. Even a few of my Twitter followers in Oklahoma reported damaged to trees & fences due to the winds, which at times overnight gusted over 50 and up to 60 miles per hour overnight. Today, the high rebounded close to 60 with the winds persisting. Tonight should see lows in the low to mid 30s. In some areas just north of Oklahoma City, I would urge you to cover your plants as a precaution.

Here is the Nowcast from the National Weather Service:

Winds will diminish quickly around sunset over Oklahoma and western North Texas. North to northwest winds will average 15 to 25 mph… with gusts to around 30 mph… until sunset but will drop quickly to between 5 and 10 mph by 8 PM. Winds will become light and variable in most areas after dark. The combination of clear skies… light winds… and very dry air will lead to a rapid drop in temperatures this evening. Temperatures by midnight will range from the upper 30s over much of northern Oklahoma… to the mid 40s in northern Texas and along the Red River in far southern Oklahoma. A freeze is likely by Tuesday morning in low-lying areas and any other sheltered areas that typically experience lower temperatures than other surrounding areas. Frost is unlikely because the air will remain very dry… but tender plants that are susceptible to freezing conditions should be covered or brought indoors if possible.


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